PLODS Cup (2014-2015)

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PLODS Cup (2014-2015)

Post by olio » Mon Aug 10, 2015 9:21 am

The PLODS Cup yet again delivered high scoring, shocks and drama as the rounds went by, and emrging through the wreckage of everyone else's attempts were icm and Three Nips. icm, who would later go on to lose the end of season play-offs by a narrow margin, eventually emerged victorious and was able to add the grand achievement of being a Cup champion to the top of his C.V.

First Round
Three Nips 1-Forgot Diamond_Wolf
kiwikid Forgot-1 TheIncognitoKid
icm 2-Forgot Everyweeker
BartonRaz Forgot-5 olio
updiamonds 2-3 Mat. H
Brownie Forgot-2 rudolph_hucker

bigmort and corby diamond received byes through to the next round.

Second Round
icm 1-0 bigmort
updiamonds 3-0 olio
corby diamond 0-0 Three Nips (14-11)
rudolph_hucker 0-0 TheIncognitoKid (12-14)

icm 4-3 updiamonds
rudolph_hucker 5-7 Three Nips

icm 3-0 Three Nips
'...Wardley again.... Now Butterworth trying to provide some inspiration; What will the response be from Rushden??? IT'S A GOAL FROM ONANDI LOWE!!!!.... Third Division POSF 2nd leg; Rochdale 1 Rushden & Diamonds 2 Tuesday 30th April 2002

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