Must read before posting...

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Must read before posting...

Post by MarkH »

Hello and welcome to! :D The unofficial internet forum for fans of AFC Rushden & Diamonds.

Our own web address...
A clean, nice-looking layout...

I think this is probably our best forum since the glory days of rdfcnet, and will hopefully be our home for a while now, so make the most of the site.

Join in... The last forum had over 300 members, yet less than thirty people posted over 150 times. I know it's about quality and not necessarily quantity but, put simply, more contributors + more posts = better debate.

There are some fans who were regular contributors to RDFCnet but who have posted seldom since. Some maybe feel the site has been monopolised by certain users, others might think that it has lost the charm and spirit of old. The only solution is to join up and begin posting again! The forum is what you make it.

There are also many, many users who prefer to read but don't post. I urge you to join in. Introduce yourself, or just quietly enter the forum. To those who already post... post more! It will be better for all of us this way, and would see the new forum regain some of its past glory and activity!

Spread the word... Let people know where we are. Because the club can't officially associate with us (and understandably so), the forum will struggle to gain new users with only a casual knowledge of sites like this. If you're friends with a fan who you think might be interested in the site, tell him/her about us. If you know someone who has fallen out of habit with the forum, send him/her the link as a friendly reminder!

If you're on an opposition forum before/during/after a game with them post up the link with an invitation. There's nothing wrong with a bit of friendly banter.

Ultimately the forum will be as good as you make it. Don't hold back.

A quick reminder of the rules:
  • Bad language. If you're a football fan you'll hear a fair amount of swearing on the terraces. I'm not going to baby anyone, or edit swearing (the word censor has been disabled), but please don't post excessive expletives. Keep it vaguely respectable - try not to aim it at people.

    Posts should not be abusive or offensive to others. Proper respect is to be shown to other posters, regardless of whether you like or agree with them. Personally abusive comments will be treated very seriously.

    This is a family forum. Keep it clean, and workplace-friendly!

    Mods' decisions are final, and all aire made at their discretion. What we say goes.

    Persistent behaviour that is deemed to be obnoxious or overbearing may well lead to a suspension or ban from the forum. Due to the subjective nature of this rule it will only be invoked as a result of a majority decision by the forum moderators.

    Users may post under an assumed username if they wish. Users must not reveal the real name of any other user other than themselves.

    You agree to take full responsibility for your comments, even in the case of legal proceedings as a result of your comments. By posting on this site you agree to all of the above.
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