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All-time goal

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The fans’ All-Time Diamonds Goal has been decided...

Nearly 100 votes were counted in the poll to find the fans’ All-Time Goal – a somewhat disappointing number but a large enough figure to hopefully act as a representative of our entire support. A big thank you to all who took the time to vote, and those who voiced their opinions in the thread (even if it was to berate me for leaving out a goal)... 8-)

The criteria for inclusion (extreme skill, exceptional circumstance, an inexplicable x-factor) are all subjective... there were goals I included that wouldn’t have been on another person’s list, and vice-versa. As well as that, due to logistics there were many great goals (Mikolanda’s versus Notts County, for example) that had to be excluded. Predictively, there were some goals which I simply forgot to include (case in point). Hopefully you can appreciate my position :oops: ;) But I think that even if I had included one hundred goals the winner would have remained the same.


Winner - Billy Sharp vs. Northampton Town - 44% of the votes
I’ll let the voters do the talking: “it meant so much to us”, “my most memorable goal for Diamonds”, “don't think i've ever experienced anything like it in the debanke” and, in perfect summary, “It has to be Billy Sharp's goal against Cobblers, if only because we knew it had won us the game, a game that we weren't expected to win, and which in our hearts we knew should have ended as a draw at best, because it was the longest eight seconds of my life between him picking up the ball from Gier's desperate clearance and the ball hitting the back of the net, and because the explosion of emotion in the de Banke was the nearest any of us will ever get to experiencing a mass spontaneous public orgasm! Apart from that time.... but that's another story!”

Runner-up - Paul Hall’s Millenium Stadium goal - 20% of the votes
In terms of skill alone surely the greatest solo Diamonds goal. Combine that with the occasion and it's clear to see why it gained so many votes. "Here's Hall... can he replicate the goal... oh! ... it's a better one... truely magnificent from Paul Hall... there haven't been many years at the Millenium Stadium, but I doubt there'll be many better goals than that!"

7% - Darby's second versus K*ttering
6% - Smith's winner versus K*ttering
6% - Rankine’s “noser”
5% - Simeon Jackson vs. Oxford
4% - Paul Hall vs. Rochdale in the play-offs
3% - Leworthy vs. K*ttering
2% - Heggs vs. Leeds
1% - Butterworth vs. Rochdale
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