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PLODS Cup Champion

Post by olio » Tue Apr 15, 2014 9:38 pm

The PLODS Cup Final 2013/2014 took place over the weekend betwen BartonRaz and bigmort, and this is how they predicted:

Wigan 0-1 Arsenal (Giroud)
Hull 2-0 Sheff Utd (Long & Huddlestone)

TOTAL: 1 point

Wigan 0-2 Arsenal (Giroud & Cazorla)
Hull 2-1 Sheff Utd (Long & Boyd, Murphy)

TOTAL: 1 point

Both players received 1 point for the correct prediction of goalscorers (Huddlestone for BartonRaz and Murphy for bigmort), so that makes it 2-2 between the players....

So it goes down to the amount of goals scored in the two ties, and who guessed closest to the correct amount:

Total amount scored - 10
Amount predicted by BartonRaz - 3
Amount predicted by bigmort - 5

So by the narrowest margin that may ever be seen in the history of PLODS...

bigmort is the 2013/2014 PLODS Cup Champion!

Comiserations to Barton for coming so close to glory, but also very well done to bigmort for winning the Cup in his first venture into PLODS territory! :)
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